Phebe on the set of GMT

Phebe on the set of GMT

“Simplicity of Life Allows Freedom”

Phebe is best known for her whimsical, creative plush toys that have been a part of children’s lives for twenty-seven years.

At this time, Phebe is directing her creative energy into writing many of her most popular characters into storybook, as well as expanding her character, Piper the Puppy, created for use by individual chapters of the American Red Cross. Real Life Simple (RLS) is an exciting new path embracing Phebe’s lifestyle change created by her return to school to explore the subjects of Science and Culinary leading her to adopt a plant-based diet.

Toys and Designs

From 1983-2010, Phebe delighted customers at Neiman Marcus, FAO Schwartz, Michael’s Stores and many others with her creative designs. The characters you love are no longer available because of changes to the toy industry, created by the U.S. Government, resulting in testing fees and regulations that now make Phebe's merchandise too expensive to produce and sell. Click on Learn More for greater detail and to view Phebe's archive photo collection. Learn More»

Piper The Puppy

In 2010, Phebe created Piper the Puppy and a storybook, You’re Loved, But This You Knew, for use by individual chapters of the American Red Cross to bring comfort to people in distress. Currently, 8000 Pipers, each raising $100 for their local ARC and 4000 storybooks are in the world. Learn More»

Phebe Phillips Blog

This blog will share experiences in my journey and transformation. I share plant-based recipes, tips for living a life with less chemicals and processed foods, and thoughts that tell a beautiful, fun story. You may follow along as I develop a new character or illustrations. My hope is that, through this blog, I can thread words together that inspire you. Learn More»
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